Jam sandwich or fish soup – what does the world eat? What is the global footprint of our diets? Take part and find out how one world can feed us all!

We need food – that’s a fact. What we eat and how varies all over the world. And has a significant influence on the resources of our planet. Many people need more than one to make their diet possible.

What influences different dietary styles and what can we learn from each other, that’s what it’s all about! What does our dietary style mean in a global context? Can we feed ten billion people in the future? What influence do climate change and dwindling resources have? These are just a few questions our project “Food diaries” is about.


Food Diary

And Speaking of food diaries – check out your own diet and share it with other people and find out about other diets and lifestyles. Click here to download our empty food diary and fill it in. Help us feed as many people as we can with fresh knowledge to change our lifestyles for a sustainable future.


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