Tajikistan – School 89

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School 89, Duschanbe, Tajikistan Cotton is important export good for Tajikistan. Huge monocultural farming is around Duschanbe. But the farmers can not earn enough for living with cotton and cotton farming consumes a lot of water. The pupils in school … Continued

Poland – Zespól Szkól Samorzdowych

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Zespól Szkól Samorzdowych, Elku, Poland We are the “green” Lyzeum from Ełk. We are engaged in a Project about our food and we want to answer some questions. For example: What do we eat and is it still healthy? Pupils … Continued

Germany – Geschwister Scholl Secondary School

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Geschwister Scholl Secondary School, Freiberg, Saxony brief information: students-company “Namaste Nepal S-GmbH” / 27 Pupils … age 15 to 18 /Geschwister Scholl Secondary School in Freiberg, Saxony Website: www.nepalfreiberg.de The students-company mobilise financial resources for projects in the partner-village Gati. … Continued

Madagascar – Ankilimaro

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Ankilimaro, Madagascar, Municipality Mahaboboka As part of preparation for the Rio+20 context, the GRÜNE LIGA Berlin offers the opportunity for the Madagascar’s children to share their thoughts, opinions and wishes about the future of our planet. Today, they want to … Continued

Germany – von Suttner Secondary School

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Bertha von Suttner Secondary School, Berlin We developed ideas how to encourage citizens to behave responsible and environmentally aware and how to remove the garbage lying everywere araound. We also produced some ideas to to handle the plastic-waste in the … Continued