Poland – Zespól Szkól Samorzdowych

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Zespól Szkól Samorzdowych, Elku, Poland

We are the “green” Lyzeum from Ełk. We are engaged in a Project about our food and we want to answer some questions. For example: What do we eat and is it still healthy?
Pupils in the classes I A und II A aks questions. Is what we eat healthy? Is it still possible to get healthy food? Can we plant ecologically? Why are potatoes so popular in poland? Are there economical or historical reasons?

Is it possible to grow potatoes without artificial fertilizer? Of course is it possible. We plant our potatoes only with farm fertilizer.

Pupils are occupied with:
– cultivation and consumption of potatoes
– healthy food: sustainable, regional (masuric cuisine)
– growing the regional sort of potatoe
– working in allotment garden

From the potatoes growned and harvested by the pupils, they cook Kartacze. This is a polish speciality, a kind of dumpling from grated Potatoe with a meat, onion and spice filling