Team in Berlin

ulrich_160x160 My name is Ulrich. I am a gardener and I work as a project manager for environmental education projects for almost 10 years now. In my work for the GRÜNE LIGA Berlin I’m generaly interested in sustainability and ideas on a question: how can we, as a global community, deal better with our planet and communicate better with each other in the future than we did until now. I love movies, photography and music. I am living in Berlin for almost 25 years, but I can imagine a life in a mountainous region also.
dana_160x160 My name is Dana. I was born 1970 and I’m living in Berlin since the 80ies. I have an university degree in sociology and philosophy. My topics are sustainable development and ethics, I’m engaged in the degrowth-movement and I’m a huge fan of science fiction. I work for the Grüne Liga since 2011.
 dainen_160x160 Hello all! My name is Dainen Bocsary and I am 21 years old. I was born, raised, and now go to school in California. I am about to begin my senior year at the University of Redlands, a small liberal arts school near Los Angeles. I am studying to earn my bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science with a Minor in German.
I have been living in Berlin since March, I am interning with the Grüne Liga and working on the Global Classroom Project. I have learned so much here in Berlin and working with the Grüne Liga, and I really look forward to taking this newfound knowledge back with me to California.
mikulas_160x160 Hi! My name is Mikulas Cernik. I was born 1990 in Czech Republic, where I study Environmental Studies in Brno. In GRÜNE LIGA Berlin I participated as an intern on the Global Classroom Project. The idea of making our lives sustainable and share experience of it seems meaningful to me. That is why I am glad, that I have contributed to Global Classroom. I like to plant vegetables and ride a bike not just in Berlin, but also everywhere else. Especially I like to do those activities together with other people, because it makes much more fun.