Exhibition – Stadt Land Hunger?

In 2017 and 2018 our environmental education programme asked: “Can we feed the world?”

For many of us food is an everyday thing. We rarely think about where our food comes from, how it’s produced and who makes a profit. That needs to change! To make the right changes for a sustainable future, we need to understand the complex links and the consequences of our choices.

The great thing about food? It’s something we can all relate to: whether it’s endless fields, vegetable gardens, discounters or the local greengrocer. And every one of us has some experience how food is produced, from a potato patch in the garden to a basil plant on the window sill.

But how do we feed an ever-growing world population? The agriculture of the future needs to account for dwindling resources and climate change. What needs to be done to ensure not just food security, but food sovereignty worldwide?

We asked children like you to get creative and share their ideas on how we will grow our food. Want to see some of their visions? Take a look at the exhibition gallery below. Want some more food for thought? Write us to get a pdf of our publication “can we feed everyone?




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