Can you imagine Earth from the point of view of an alien flying in a UFO? It is a rich planet with a wide variety of plants, animals, beautiful landscapes, different cultures, and so much more.  However this rich diversity is vanishing. Forrests are turning into deserts, soils are becoming sterile with poison, rivers now flow with toxic sludge rather than water, fish are disappearing from the oceans. All of these horrible things and more are happening because a certain group of people thought they had found the key to eternal well being.  In reality these people selfishly consume too much and leave nothing for the rest of the world. This has to change. For the wellbeing of everyone on this planet, we need to develop and enforce better practice and better rules.

One way to achieve this goal is to connect people. This means learning about what others do and how they think. Especially when dealing with the environment, how do others think about protecting the environment and adapting to climatic change? What does it mean to live a good life and what will your life look like in the future?
Click on the symbols and find out!

water_1 Water – Where did your drinking water come from? Do you think Earth has enough water for everyone? How much water do you and your family consume every day?  For what reasons do you need water?  How far away is the closest river or lake to your home? Have you thought about which industries consume large amounts of water?
waste_1 Waste – What is waste (or rubbish, trash, junk, garbage)? Why is it a problem? What can we do to reduce waste or avoid it? Which recycling system works well? What recycling products and techniques are helpful?
energy_1 Energy – Can things function without an energy supply? What electric devices you use every day? What sources of energy are you using? Which energy source is the most efficient? Which one consumes the most energy?
consumption_1 Consumption – What does it mean to consume?  What do you consume on a daily basis?  There is currently a problem with people consuming too much and being wasteful.  Why does this problem exist?  How can this problem of overconsumption be fixed?
social_1 Social Life – Do you consider yourself a social person?  What do you like to do for fun?  How does your social life affect others?  How do others affect your social life?  Why or why not is being social important?  Are there things that people do for fun that can have a negative effect on the people and environment around them?  If so, how can this be changed?
mobility_1 Mobility – How you get to school? How often you use public transportation? Is there public transportation in your area? What kind?  Is it reliable and how expensive is it? Do you own a bicycle?  Do you have a car at home? How often have you flown on an airplane within the last five years? What was the longest distance you have ever walked (don’t count holidays)?
food_1 Food – What’s on your daily menu?  How do you get your food?  How often you buy fresh food? Do you grow your own fruits and vegetables?  If not, where do they come from? Who is cooking at home? How often you eat meat? What is your favorite dish (do you have the recipe)? Do you know how to grow your favorite produce?
gardening_1 Gardening – What grows best in the soil around you? What are typical plants around your house and your playground? What are your favorite flowers, trees, vegetables and fruits? Have you ever grown your own garden?  Do you know how to grow your favorite vegetables and fruits? Tell about your experience with growing your own food.
health_1 Health – Do you consider yourself healthy? What do you do to stay healthy and keep from being sick?  If you are sick, what do you do to get better?  What are some things that are unhealthy?  Why is being healty important?
housing_1 Housing – Where do you live (city, town/village, suburbs, countryside, ghettos)?  Are there a lot of people living near you?  How many people do you live with?  What type of housing do you live in (single house, apartment, gated community, trailer)?  Have you stayed in the same house for the last 5 years?  How far do you live away from school?  What types of appliances are in your house?
environment_1 Environment – What do you consider to be the environment?  Is the environment the same all over the world or does it change?  What types of problems exist with the environment?  How did these problems begin? Do you have ideas about how we can fix these problems?