A Better World is possible …

Around the world, there are differences in how we learn, eat, dress, and live our lives. However, the fact remains that we are all together on this Earth. Therefore it is vitally important to talk with each other about our lifestyles, no matter how different, in relation to this environment and Earth we all share. The internet provides us with the ability to communicate with each other without having to travel. The virtual global classroom takes advantage of this to bring students from all corners of the globe together to share with and learn from each other.

Share your thoughts and questions with others about what it means to be sustainable. Engage with other students about these vital matters in a creative or scientific way. And then share your results with the world! You may start with reflecting on your own daily routines and your lifestyle.


You can begin this reflection by answering questions like:

  • What do I eat and drink on a regular basis? Where do these products come from?
  • What do I wear? Where does this clothing come from?
  • How much waste do I produce daily? Does it all go in the trash or am I mindful of recycling?
  • What is my daily means of transportation?
  • How much energy do I consume? Is any of it created from renewable resources?

These and other questions serve as a foundation for thinking about sustainability. The next step for you is to express your observations and conclusions by creating a project. This project should address some aspect of sustainability, represented through the use of drawings, photographs, texts, future scenarios, etc.


The Project assists young people, to promote their questions about lifestyle and environment protection, into an international experience. We provide suggestions and ideas and help with the international networking. Pupils and teachers who are engaged in making the world a better place are invited to join and share opinions and experiences with others.

The GRÜNE LIGA Berlin (GREEN LEAGUE Berlin) launched the environmental education project in 2012, following the Rio+20 Summit. Our main goal is to educate on the possibility and importance of leading a sustainable lifestyle.The GRÜNE LIGA Berlin provides information and suggestions about sustainability while managing the contact between schools, NGOs and artists.

The global classroom project provides a variety of ways for students to connect. Students will be able to share their ideas with other students through email. With the use of Skype™, students will be able to listen to lectures together and question each other. Student projects will also be readily available on the global classroom website. Please feel invited to become a global student or teacher in this virtual classroom.

Some educational material and practice worksheets will also soon be available here.