Madagascar – Ankilimaro

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Ankilimaro, Madagascar, Municipality Mahaboboka

As part of preparation for the Rio+20 context, the GRÜNE LIGA Berlin offers the opportunity for the Madagascar’s children to share their thoughts, opinions and wishes about the future of our planet. Today, they want to build a better world for tomorrow.

Their sustainable world in the Southwest of Madagascar is a world of justice, equality, fullness and abundance. They expect that tomorrow they will have right to food, to water, to education, to play… So they need us to take the right decisions to realize their dream for tomorrow.

The PGM-E/GIZ helped the pupils concretise their ideas thanks to professional drawers and photographers. This is a great opportunity for the Madagascar’s youth be involved in a citizen project relating to sustainable living.
Photography will be used in order to show the everyday life of the children, and to present the different ways to reach sustainable development at a local scale. Drawings and paintings will illustrate pupils’ ideas on how to create a sustainable world. The children involved in the project will learn the basics of photography and drawings, and the results will be showed at the Umweltfestival in Berlin.

Ankilimaro Madagascar

Kit Mad’Ere is a tool developed and promoted by the German-Madagascan Environmental Programme PGM-E/GIZ (Programme Germano-Malgache pour l’Environnement/GIZ) to educate children to take care of the environment.
Especially in rural areas in the South of Madagascar, many women are not only socially and economically excluded but also have no voice in political decision-making processes. Therefore, the PGM-E/GIZ also aims at promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women through this education project that broadens and sustains women’s opportunities from a very early age.