Jam sandwich or fish soup – what does the world eat? What is the global footprint of our diets?

We need food – that’s a fact. What we eat and how varies all over the world. And has a significant influence on the resources of our planet. Many people need more than one to make their diet possible.

Here are 18 diaries from all over the world. Check out Cynthia from Kenya or Leapheng from Cambodia. How big is their footprint in terms of their diet? And what about yours?


Food Diary

Check out your own daily food – what you eat, where it comes from and how do you shop? Click here to download our empty food diary and fill it in. And maybe you discover that you forgot about your daily consumption of butter on your toast or eggs in biscuits. It makes a dirfference once you test your on footprint.

And here are two quick tests. Pick one and check the footprint for your food lifestyle. Do you eat more then one world?

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