Brazil – Fundacao Gol de Lerta

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Fundacao Gol de Lerta, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

The Gol de Letra Foundation is a brasilian NGO activ in the suburbs of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. On the foundations programs and projects participating more than 1.200 children and young people.

We decided to invest in action where we’ll take awareness of our young people about environmental issues, specifically linked to the trash. Our idea is to organise workshops about trash, followed by debates where we will take testimonies of young people. In a second moment, we will hold works of art on the theme, we will do a research on the issue of garbage in the neighborhood, and will visit a large landfill site which garbage from the city of São Paulo. Everything will be documented and edited. The result can be displayed at the Umweltfestival.