Germany – Lessing Secondary School

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Lessing Secondary School, Berlin – Class 10

We discussed sustainable mobility and surveyed our direct surrounding about mobility. We want to know if it could be more sustainable. With the results of the survey we developed a concept and a vision for the future. Than we took a global view to the problem and asked about future development of mobility in china, india and afrika.

Here are the questions, we asked our teachers and classmates


  • you think about yourself to act environmentally-aware?
  • If you own a private car, how often you use it?


  • How you arrive at school?
  • How important is the environment for you?
  • With what means of transport you go on holidays?
  • How many motorized vehicles have you at home?
  • Could your family live without private car?
  • Would you partially refrain from motorized vehicles in future?


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