My Name is Anh. Me and my friend Linh in vietnam, who is attanding the Le Quy Don School, compare our daily life. We ask questions for example: do we seperate waste at home and at school, how high is the energy consumption we have and others.

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1. Where you from?

area: 331.698 square meter 357.121 square meter
population: 91,52 millions 82 millions
climatic zones: moderate climatic zone(north) tropical climatic zone(south) moderate climatic zone
religion(s): 55%Buddhists, 7%Christians, 1%Muslims, 37%Others 68%Christians, 3,7%Muslims, 28,3% Others
rural-/urban population: more people live in rural area than cities most people live in cities and urban areas
biggest city: Ho Chi Minh City approx. 9 million inhabitants Berlin approx. 3,5 million inhabitants
main export good: textiles, shoes, rice, coffee, rawoil machines, vehicles, chemical products, food, textiles
main import good: fuel, machines, vehicles, raw materials for light industry oil, natural gas, automobiles, machines, chemical products

2. Our schools

name: Le Quy Don High School
(Ho Cho Minh City)
Wilhelm von Siemens Gymnasium
pupils altogehter: 550 800
pupils in my class: 20 32
materials the school is built with: stone and bricks concrete and glas
plants and animals at the playground: small trees, ants, salamander, cockroaches, rats ants, earthworms, crab spiders, crows
You separate the garbage? No, mostly the waste is just put away, mostly in the Vietnam rivers. This is a big problem. We seperate in each room: paper, plastics and residual waste.
Room temperature in the coldest season? It is colder in winter season than in summer, but it is never colder than 20°C. We do need heating for the classroom. The outside temperatures are up to -10°C in winter.
There is no need of heating, rather more of ventilation. Heating is with natural gas (mostly)
How many computers for all pupils? none approx. 300
How do you get to school? with motorbike or bicycle by foot and public transport

3. About my life

Tell something about your country and your culture not multicultural, media-oriented, dirty, hot, dangerous, noisy, the people are small and tanned. The culture is conservative and bound to old traditions and ways of thinking. Peoples in Berlin are modern. They wear western style cloth like t-shirts with jeans. They live democratically together with other nationalities. Traditionally holidays are Eastern and Christmas, even if the populations majority isn’t religious.
The daily routine is full filled with school activities like classes, homework, extra tuition, so there is not much time for other activities. In the city isn’t much space for sports, the sport classes are therefore limited. Although I have much fun with my friends, going to the cinema or play in the gamecenter. We keep a balance between leisure time and school. The teachers aren’t too rigorously and the classes are casual. After school we live our hobbies. Some go dancing others leran martial arts. There are many various associations and even school clubs to join. The school clubs are conducted by pupils or teachers. I myself go to the theater club.
With how many family members you live at home together? 9 2
What is your favourite food? octopus soup with com tray smoked pork chop with hollandaise, potatoes and vegetables
From where do you get your food? supermarket, bazaar supermarket
What did you eat today? breakfast: Pho(soup with rice noodles) or Banh Guon(rice-dumplings with pork). lunch: Bot Chien Trung(fried pastry with egg). Mostly we visit a food stand, where many vietnamese specialities are being offered. dinner: With the whole familily I eat from a buffet with rice with vegetables, meat, soup, fish, fruits breakfast: toast or bread with cacao or tea. pause: sandwiches and fruits, snacks. lunch: We get lunch in our schoolcafeteria. Three different meals are available (such as: Spaghetti) with desert.
Your greatest wish? a healthy family, be happy and successful in my life gather a lot of experiences and travel the world
Your favourite school subject? english, art, chemistry, physic, maths, biology biology, english, geography
Interests fashion, southkorea, reading, writing, internationals judo, foreign languages, travel, art, music